One thing is true that everyone wants to be rich and for that people struggle day and night. Although we have understood the rules to become richer, we are going to tell you something that many people are in a dilemma about.

Yes, you understood it to be absolutely correct. We are talking about the stock market because most of the people do not know what the stock market is. Don’t worry at all because in today’s post, your friend Rohit Chouhan is going to give you information about the stock market, which you will be able to understand closely about the entire concept. You have a moment without this. Let’s start our today’s interaction post.

What is Stock Marketing?

1) Your income is good
The first thing if you are young and save a good amount of money in a month, you should take more risk in the stock market.

2) Age is large
But if you are a little older, you should take a little less risk in the stock market and also see where it is benefiting because if you are benefiting only ₹ 5, the loss is ₹ 20. You should not have this kind of investment. Now what happens to the stock market?

How Stock Marketing Works?

For example, the price of a company is ₹ 3 crore and it has withdrawn its three lakh shares, each of its shares will cost ₹ 100. If you buy shares from among him, you will become the owner of ₹ 2000 of this company.

Now if the company grows into the future to six crore, your 20 share price will be from 2000 to 4000. That is, double now if the company’s price comes down from 3 crore to 1.5 crore, your 20 share price will be from 2000 to 1000. That means you will lose here.

Now, people here have to see which company they put money on so that their money is not submerged and they also get a growth with the growth of the company.

Now people take it very lightly, but let us tell you. Many people have become the owners of billions only by investing in the company and are not sure, so let us tell you about Warren Buffet, who is known as the most successful in history.

those who have joined the richest people in the world by making cable investments.